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About Us

Entellics is a dynamic organization devoted to serving its customers. We are passionate about helping organizations become measurably more effective. We believe that organizational effectiveness is key to the success of companies especially during challenging economic times.

Organizations could become more effective by:

  • Developing the skills of their People
  • Leveraging Internet-based enabler Technologies; and
  • Improving business Processes

Entellics offers a variety of solutions and services that help organizations optimize their People - Technology - Process dimensions.

Our Business Philosophy

Entellics is a customer-focused company; and we consider our customers as our partners. Developing lasting business relationships with our customers is core to our business philosophy. This core value is reflected in all our business engagements; where we work very closely with our customers to deliver required solutions and services.

We conduct our business with high ethical and professional standards. The foundations of our culture are based on honesty, passion for excellence, and a firm belief in the enabling power of modern technologies.

We believe in a flat-world model where modern technologies enable companies to deliver value anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. Since our inception, we have been delivering value to organizations that reside far outside our geographical boundaries. Additionally, we are continuously embracing tools and technologies that enable us to operate as a flat-world company.

What Entellics has to offer?

Entellics creates value through streamlining business strategy and operational systems by focusing on external and internal efficiencies in existing business processes and functions. We help our clients to build and sustain an agile process-powered organization through synergistic use of technology and process management.

At Entellics, we are committed to helping organizations become more effective, because we believe that organizational effectiveness leads to realization of organizational potential.

Entellics is your Enabler

We truly believe that organizations can, and should, take themselves to the next level. We also believe that organizations have the capability to do so. Let Entellics be your enabler as you and your teams work on your business challenges.

Solutions and Services

As much as we believe in the enabling power of modern Internet-based technologies; we also believe that right technology choices are critical to delivering maximum value. Therefore, we select technologies very carefully; and we maintain long-term commitment with our chosen technologies. As a result, we achieve higher levels of expertise in the technologies that we work with.

Our solutions help reduce operational costs; improve team collaboration; help build strong corporate identity; and support the development of Internet-based sales channels and collaboration portals.

We provide the following solutions and services:

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