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Bussiness Process Improvment

Business Process Improvement

Navigating through fast paced business environment and catering to the needs of complex market dynamics can be extremely challenging. Operational efficiency and quality of deliverables require streamlined business processes and their continuous monitoring and fine tuning.

Entellics offers business process improvement and organization modeling solutions that enable your enterprise to perform at its optimum level. Whether your goal is to achieve Six Sigma level or find and monitor lagging KPIs, Entellics provides customized workshops, trainings, and technology solutions that address all your quality and process improvement initiatives.

Our consultants works closely with clients to understand their needs and to design process improvement initiatives that build the organizational capability needed to address current or anticipated business challenges and attain specific business objectives. Our ability to collect information, analyze and benchmark operations, and truly customize solutions to the client’s business and cultural context is fundamental to our approach.

Entellics’ Process Improvement offerings include:
  • Diagnosis and Planning
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Post Implementation Reviews and Audits
  • Information Collection and Benchmarking
  • Business Process Integration and Standardization
  • Organization and Process Modeling & Simulation (M&S)
  • Organization Restructuring & Change Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

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