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Microsoft CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) can be the most powerful method for gathering knowledge about your customer – and applying it to your best advantage to increase revenue. If you are considering CRM, or your current CRM is not producing the results you expect, Entellics has the innovative thinking and skills to enhance CRM’s power to increase customer visibility – and use that information to drive increased revenue. We offer complete, end-to-end system setup and deployment to provide you an optimal CRM experience through our excellent expertise and competitive rates on Microsoft CRM software, service and training.

Business Process Automation

Many companies face obstacles in fully integrating business process automation CRM solutions into their organizations. But we designed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to synthesize with existing systems, giving employees access to familiar tools. This can lower training costs, decreased ramp-up time, and fewer frustrations resulting in greater user adoption. Take advantage of:

  • Organization and personnel level workflows
  • Extensible workflow model (for on-premise and partner-hosted offerings)
  • Custom workflow actions
  • Business Logic Extensions: event-based plugins with pre- and post-events on all platform executions
  • Organization and personnel level workflows
  • Client-side form events, enabling features like drop-down fields that auto- adjust with user selections
Enhanced CRM For Even Better Results

Customer feedback is a key element to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM suite. With each new release, new enhancements are added. From Web-based workflow design to an enhanced offline user experience, the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is committed to driving innovation in areas that have an immediate business impact.

Easy to Implement

With a number of edition and deployment options available, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a solution that's tailor-made for your business. Learn about the different CRM offerings.

CRM Security
  • Integrated security via single sign-on or Live ID
  • Role-based security settings for easier management
  • Custom-added entities work within the security model just like entities shipped in the box
  • Sharing/delegation for objects/records, to individuals or teams
  • Direct access to data via filtered SQL views that automatically determine users' roles and privileges and only returns data they have access to

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